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Build stunning D3.js-powered interactive charts with little code

Reusable and Composable

Configure your charts to create different looks and behaviors. Mix and match components to create insightful experiences.

Great Design

Britechart's codebase is a regular D3.js code you can fork and modify.

Powered by D3.js

Britechart's codebase is simple and conventional D3.js code you can fork and modify.


Britechart tutorials allow new users to get started and learn the basic components of the library. They are meant to be a learning experience ideal for newcomers:

How-To Guides

The Britecharts how-to guides provide step by step instructions on how to accomplish standard tasks with the library. We have multiple guides for specific type of users:


Where we discuss important concepts for Britecharts, giving context to some of our decisions to help understand how we have created the library.